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This article is for those who want to develop react application with react forms. You reached here, i guess it means that you know react is just a library, which is only responsible for view part or you can say developer will only get functionalities which helps to render your UI part as small components. It won’t help you with any routing or in-built forms just like angular, just because react is a library.

Coming forward, me as developer, want to create forms which gives dynamic power to manage and assemble any application in smooth way. Then i got few NPM modules to help me out. But what i had noticed, that NPM modules are using the many new TAG’s `<ANewTag/>` as they have define multiple components for multiple HTML Tags in their module. It was difficult to remember all of the them and while assembling my react app with that library was graffiti. As developer, the main focus should be on react and working application.

Then i realize to make something which help me out and other developers, So i develop a new NPM module REACT-JSX-FORMS. This module was inspired with Angular Forms.

The additional main feature of this module is RXJS. Yes, you are write this module use Observable’s which helps to build my forms in a reactive way.

Installation -

npm install react-jsx-forms --save

The logical concepts which are used in this module are FormBuilder, FormArray, FormGroup, FormField and yeah of course Validations. These keywords will sounds familiar to those who had worked in Angular.

I think this module will make developer life more easy because now form concepts is same in both Angular and React side due to this NPM module REACT-JSX-FORMS.

References -

Website - http://react-jsx-forms.co.in

GitHub - https://github.com/hardy12994/react-jsx-forms

NPM - https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-jsx-forms

Please clap if you like it and share your comments for discussions.
Don’t forget to point me out if i am wrong anywhere.

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Founder and C.E.O at XpRate.com | Want to help world to grow 🌱

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Hardeep Singh

Hardeep Singh

Founder and C.E.O at XpRate.com | Want to help world to grow 🌱

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